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Traditionally made ice cream pralines from our own workshop. Delicious ice cream with a chocolate layer available in different versions. For gourmets who prefer classic flavors, but also for culinary dares, we have something to their liking!


Happiness often lies in the little things, including Ice Pearls by Philip's Biscuits. Small in size, big in taste! The boxes can be ordered per 6 or 12.


The Ice Pearls are only available to order for pick up in our Ice Pearl shop at Korte Gasthuisstraat 25 in Antwerp.


The contents of the different boxes: per 6 or 12 pieces


Ice Pearls Classic Box 1

  • salted caramel
  • blackbanana
  • white praline
  • black framboise
  • color vanilla (blue or pink)
  • classic mocha

Ice Pearls Classic Box 2

  • classic mocha
  • white speculoos
  • black chocolate
  • black vanilla
  • white praline
  • classic vanilla

Ice Pearls Deluxe Box

  • black coconut
  • black pistachio
  • bresiliënne
  • white tiramisu
  • gold vanilla
  • elixir d'anvers

Ice Pearls Christmas Box

  • red chocolate
  • green cherry
  • gold vanilla
  • white praline
  • salted caramel
  • blackbanana



If you want to make your own composition, you can also order by email. Check out our flavorshere





Ice Pearls

  • Processing time for delivery: up to 3 working days after order placement.

    Adjustments after order placement cannot be guaranteed. 

    The images, sizes and weights provided may differ slightly. 

    After your order you will automatically receive an order confirmation with a link to your invoice (be sure to check your spam folder). 

    Please always send all your questions/comments/... regarding your webshop order

    Refunds and returns are never possible 

    Be sure to check ours before placing your orderFAQ/Frequently Asked Questions page. 

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